Culture of Multiculturalism

Culture of Multiculturalism
If multiculturalism fails; the whole concept of one world, one people and one race of mankind comes down tumbling. Unfortunately, this has happened in its intents and purpose and it is a proven fact that multiculturalism is a dysfunctional concept of a short circuited generator. In every part of the World welding together of races and nations has created untold misery both in European countries and Eastern hemisphere. The brain child of Pierre Trudeau called multiculturalism in Canada, has been viewed from the standpoint of vote grabbing by ruling party from minorities who come for better living and opportunity from other end of the World. The recent stark criticism of Angela Merker; the vice chancellor of Germany on the utter failure of multiculturalism in Europe has left people blinking on its failed objectives.
The ideology of equality of religion and welding together of the races needs further analysis. How could be the races and people be equals? A society that had been nurtured in scientific environment with 100% literacy in Canada gets up next morning and is told that your neighbors next door from Indian village or African shanti towns, or the Far East Vietnam are all equals. Their voodoos and ritualistic practices are all equal to the scientifically developed idealogy of the Western World. There is wide abysmal gap in the view point of an educated society and illiterate person from any corner of the World.
Culturally speaking, we see socially enslaved women walking ten feet behind their godly husbands all wrapped up in Hajjab as second rate members of their culture and religion. Men folks are killing their own daughter as they defiled their system by choosing their own husbands. Daughter-in laws are slaughtered as they did not bring the promised dowry. Women folk under illiteracy are more inclined to use their old traditional ways at child birth than to go to the hospital for medical help; create further hygienic problems and add financial burden to the Ministry of Health. The birth of female child is looked upon as a curse from gods. In case a wife keeps on producing female babies; is divorced. The policy of separate culture and ethnicity has created further exclusivity to these people than the integration in the main stream Canadian society. Some intellectual will argue about the assimilation and integration for their mental exercise only. In fact to face the truth; no Canadian society can be welded together unless it is not integrated for assimination. This integration does not reflect that we are deprived of our own value system, but let that value system shine forth.
From the year of 1970 when Pierre Trudeau hatched this brood of multicultural society; the Canadian society particularly ethnic minorities have done more violence against women, more murders under honor killing, more increase of the social problems. More violence of extremism, murders, more home grown terrorism and high jacking has proliferated in Canada. This country has become the breeding ground for violent terrorism under so called unrestricted and unabated immigration policy and tolerance under multiculturalism.
Even the exponents of this ideology are convinced that the multiplicity of multiculturalism needs to be redefined. As regards equality it is a very complex phrase there is nothing that is equal in this world. It is a relative term. Unless you create equity in the cultural, social and economic standard of the people; you simply cannot make them equals.
The out spoken apostles of equality of Marxism and Stalinism used draconian ways to make their people equal by killing millions of rich men, capitalists, industrialists and bankers to make their society haven of equality. It collapsed miserably by the end of twentieth century. Instead of bringing people up to the level and standard of already developed society, they killed their own exalted society and its norms. They turned under one century the whole Eastern Europe a nation of death, hunger and misery. You simply cannot destroy the lofty values and economic structure and down grade the standards to make people equal. Why not bring up the lowly and down trodden in extensive planning and development to the level of the rich. Why to kill the rich to make the poor equal? Why not we make the poor, rich! Why to efface social, cultural and democratic values already developed, to make the ethnic minorities comfortable? Why not we create equity first than equality and make it possible to make them fly on higher levels.
It is not the equality, but the equity that makes people equal. Equality is meaningless unless we create equity in the fiber of society.
Equality and acceptance of all norms of people on equal value system has given birth to a breeding ground for home grown terrorism. Worst type of terror has happened on Canadian soil and still we give birth to terrorists to grow in Canada and join these terrorist groups like Isis, Taliban and Hamas and send messages, “ Canada we are coming for you” ( Actually to phrase it rightly, we are coming to destroy you) Stop Canada to be breeding ground for terrorists!
We do believe and propagate the racial harmony, without prejudice, a world order of racial integration. We do believe in a world order of peace among people, but not at the cost of disruption, death and sowing further discord.
We do stand for all human value and justice for all. Remember one thing; those who want equality, those who want justice, those who want religious freedom, those who want no discrimination, do they give and preach these liberties and human values to their own people in their home land? If you have the liberty and freedom of religion to worship and build your own Mosques and temples in Canada, do you safeguard the churches and Christians in your home land, along with other faiths?
Forget for a while to honor and respect other religions and holy places. Your own society preaches hatred for your own people. There is no social relation and contact among, Sunnies and shia, Quadianis, Wuhabis and Sufiis. In the same fashion, the conflicting schism between Jat Sikhs, Ramghrias, Adharmis, Majbis, Sainis and Kamboj, Hindu low castes and high ups on social order is a specific chapter of discrimination among themselves. It falls short of the norms of the multiculturalism we preach through our law.
If you want justice, remember to give justice to others also, If you want equality; be willing to accept others on the same grounds, If you do not want to be hated; do not hate others. It is a golden formula.This hatred among our own social values breed violence and conflict. It is a rich soil for breeding terrorists.
As regards the conflicts of cultures; work on the philosophy of give and take. Unfortunately, we are victims of a double jeopardy, we do want that the white race accept us on equal pedestal, but we have failed to accept our own people on the same grounds. Relationship is not a one way street!
Dr. Solomon Naz(416 -271-1040)

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