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Immaculate birth, death on the Cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the fundamentals of Christian faith. If Christ did  not rise from the dead on third day, the whole religion collapses like a pack of cards. If He did not rise, divine birth is a sham and all lies. If he did not rise, all His miracles, even  making alive two dead are all but fables. If He did not rise, He is not the Son of God and conceived by the holy Ghost. If He did not rise from the dead, He is not coming again as the King of righteousness and restore the Kingdom of God. All those who died and were martyred for His names’ sake died in vain. There would not be any resurrection in the end times. Christianity, that anchors over the verse “Just shall live by faith” will fall into bits and pieces.

Fortunately, there are over 500 witnesses and claims to prove His bodily resurrection. The following order of appearances may help in understanding of the testimony to his resurrection.

1-The women at the grave see the vision of the angels, testifying risen Christ.

2-Mary Magdalene and women go to tell to His disciples of the risen Christ.

3-Peter and John run to the grave to find it empty and testify His resurrection.

4-Mary stays back and sees Jesus Christ face to face, who ask her to go and tell to the disciples.

5-The other women see Jesus and tell to the disciples.

6-Christ appears to the two on their road to Emmaus town.

7- Christ talks with Simon peter His disciple.

8-To the ten apostles. 9- to the Disciples at Tibrias. 10- to the apostles and multitude on the mount. 11- To the disciples and friends at His ascension. 12- To James (1 Corinthians. 15:7. 13- to Paul Face to face I Cor. 15:8(Extract from Dr. Orrs’ Book)

All there testimonies and appearances are not set up by any wise scheme of men and women, but an eye witness confessions. We call it an a material witness in todays’ languages. The critics may find it difficult to digest as they deny that Jesus Christ portrayed this way does not fit as  Jesus of  history, with scientific facts. To my mind, they search Jesus in history, forgetting that Jesus is not in history, but maker of history.

Pragmatically speaking, Christian World are the people who resurrected from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from death to new life of resurrection. A new vision a new beginning and a new finish. Peace and prosperity. On His ascension to heaven Jesus said,” YE SHALL RECEIVE POWER, AFTER THAT THE HOLY GHOST IS COME UPON YOU”  To my mind since the dawn of Christian era, the holy Spirit of knowledge and wisdom has engulfed this planet earth. I have never seen or read so much blessings of scientific wisdom and knowledge in all fields of life as is conceived in these years of the Lord.

Above all,  the census of 2010 shows over 2.2 billion adherents to Christianity are not blind followers of Christianity. Paul the arch builder and founder of Christianity on the Corner stone Jesus Christ says, if Christ be not risen, all our faith and preaching is in vain. All men and women, all races and Nations, must resurrect to a newness of life. Let your old man in flesh die on the Cross  and recognize Christ resurrected.

The greatest testimony is Jesus Christ himself, the truth who says . “I AM HE THAT LIVETH, AND WAS DEAD” REV. 1:18   Blessings and Greetings of the day. Amen.

Rev. Dr. Solomon Naz (Extract of my sermon this Easter Sunday Apostolic Church Dandas, Canada) 416-271-1040

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