Fruit of the Tree

And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food; THE TREE OF LIFE also in the midst of the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.(genesis 2: 9) This is a tree of life of emotions, sensibilities, instincts cognition to determine between good and evil. A total catastrophe, brought forth by disobedient act of man and woman . In his depravity came forth sin and death, misery and helplessness. Law as the school master with all the known punishment writ large on the blackboard,” if you break the law you die”

The second tree is a rugged Cross of Jesus Christ. He hangs there as conqueror of law and sin. On the Cross of Christ, hangs all the evil and misery of mankind, the law, sin, death and devil. On this tree grows every moment, forgiveness, grace, benevolence, compassion and above all love of mankind, all fruit of life. It is a tree of atonement and restoration of fractured relationship. A reconciliation of God and man. All curses turned into blessings.

let me be more specific and explorative. All of the known sins of the past Worlds, and Worlds to come, are hence forth of Jesus on the tree.  They are those of him to be written off in the atoning power of his blood. As the prophet Isaiah and others proclaim, that Christ should become the greatest transgressor, murderer, adulterer, thief, rebel, blasphemer& co. that ever was and could be in the World to come. Not that our Lord himself committed those sinful acts, but he himself has taken up all the guilt on his body.

Sin, death and hell belong to Christ, where as grace, life and salvation to us onward. this tree is sown all over the World, to all four dimensions, upward to the heavens, down to the depth and to all the four corners of the World. First tree brought forth death and misery. The second brought forth life eternal.

This is the second tree that lives and abides forever. Amen.

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Amir Ayad lies in a hospital

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Posted on July 13, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Amir Ayad lies in a hospital bed after he was allegedly beaten by Islamic hardliners who stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo

Pakistan: Islamist Mob Kills Christian Couple Accused of Blasphemy

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Posted on July 13, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Commanded from mosque loudspeakers, a Muslim throng in Punjab Province killed a Christian couple yesterday after a co-worker accused the pregnant wife of defiling the Koran, sources said.


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